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 Window Replacement Myths

 Window Replacement Myths

Master’s Home Solutions is here to guide you through window replacement myths. Most homeowners will need to replace their windows at some point. It’s somewhat surprising that there is so much misinformation regarding window replacement, given that it’s a common experience.

It is accepted as the fact that old ideas about windows are true. The experiences of one person somehow become the gospel truth. It is frustrating to listen to people who haven’t changed their windows in a long time telling you what to expect and what to avoid.


Possibly. But maybe not. To clarify how window replacements work, we would like to provide a few details.

Myth #1: 

Replacing windows in the winter is a bad idea.

How would a window company survive if they stopped working for three months? Installing new windows in extreme weather (including snowstorms) is never a good idea, but good window installation companies are trained to handle any season, rain, or shine.

Your window upgrade could be completed more quickly if you schedule your window upgrade during the perceived offseason. In addition to being prepared for spring, if you plan to sell, you will also be ready for real estate’s busiest season.


All decent windows are pretty much the same; the rest of it is just sales talk.

There are different types of windows. Finding the right windows for your needs can be hard, and some distinctions can be hard to spot.

Imagine, for example, that you frequently saw moisture on your windows, resulting in rotted wooden windowsills. Air infiltration, or the amount of air sucked into your house through your windows, is the source of this excess moisture. As well as causing condensation, air infiltration can also lead to high energy bills, drafts, and mold, which are all unpleasant guests.

Myth #3:

New windows won’t change your home’s energy efficiency.

Window-related high heating and cooling bills are a fact. New windows can have a big impact on how much money you spend on energy bills, if your home is adequately insulated, and your other home improvement products are current.

Washington, D.C. homeowners who install energy-efficient windows save nearly $500 a year on heating and cooling costs on average – and some save even more.

There are other motivations, too, besides frugality. In just three months, homeowners can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29 trees or by taking their car off the road for two months by installing energy-efficient windows!

Myth #4: 

DIY window replacement is a good way to save money.

The DIY trend is all the rage here. In some cases, a construction professional with years of experience may be able to replace the windows on their own. Even then, we recommend that you hire a professional.

A professional can make window installation look easy. However, no two houses are the same. The structure and style of the home can only be explained by a professional.

There are not only a limited number of replacement windows available, but most DIY window installers are not knowledgeable about how to insulate their homes. When installing aluminum siding, specialized tools are required. Even though you can technically install your windows, it will be challenging, and the result won’t be ideal.

For more information, contact Master’s Home Solutions in Bethlehem, Allentown, Flemington, and Lehigh Valley, PA at 610-991-7591.

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