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Shower Installation In Harrisburg, PA: The Bass Family

Our professionals at Master’s Home Solutions love to help our clients make the most of their bathroom space with our affordable and reliable bathroom solutions. Recently, we had the opportunity to upgrade a bathroom with a shower installation for the Bass family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our mission was to help the family optimize their bathroom with a more modern, practical fit.

The Bass family’s goal was to replace their old bathtub with a new, modern shower space that would better suit their needs and style preferences. Our professionals walked them through the array of designs, shower patterns, shower colors, and fixtures to ensure they found the very best fit for their Harrisburg bathroom.

The Bass family approached us with a clear vision: they wanted to replace their old, seldom-used bathtub with something more practical, accessible, and stylish. They sought a solution that would not only enhance the aesthetics of their bathroom but also improve its functionality. It was time for Master’s Home Solutions to step in and help the Bass family say goodbye to the past and welcome a new era of convenience and elegance with a stunning new shower installation.

After removing the old bathtub, we got to work on installing the new shower. The foundation was laid with a non-slip, easy-to-clean shower base that ensures safety and durability. Next, we focused on the shower walls, using our high-quality, water-resistant panels. The Bass family chose smooth shower walls in the color Santorini, which mimicked the look of marble. We finalized the shower install with sleek, modern fixtures that not only looked stunning but also offered superior functionality. The glass shower door was the final touch, adding an element of elegance and openness to the space.

No transformation is complete without the small details! For the shower fixtures, we added some built-in shelves and grab bars for extra practicality. The final result was a harmonious blend of beauty and function, tailored perfectly to the Bass family’s lifestyle.

Are you inspired by the Bass family’s shower transformation? Do you dream of turning an outdated part of your home into a modern masterpiece? Master’s Home Solutions is here to make it happen with our premier bathroom remodeling services in Harrisburg, PA! Contact us to get a free shower remodeling estimate and start your journey towards a more beautiful, functional bathroom today!

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