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    Lehigh Valley Home Energy Efficiency Package

    Are you looking for ways to shore up the energy efficiency of your Lehigh Valley home? In a climate where winter lows linger in the 20s for months, any home update that provides energy-saving solutions is a smart investment!

    Master’s Home Solution has been proudly serving homeowners for more than 60 years, so we understand the challenges that can arise when it comes to shoring up the efficiency of local properties. Rather than making one small change at a time and getting minimal results, we offer energy-saving packages that allow you to enjoy truly significant savings.

    We’ll analyze your home’s energy consumption weak spots and design a package using radiant barrier and solar shield products that will give you the best possible results. It’s time to start saving!

    It Begins with an Energy Analysis

    The first step in improving your home’s efficiency is completing an energy analysis. We’ll identify any weak spots and recommend a suite of services that will work to address them cohesively. Prepare to be surprised by how much you can save!

    Consider these facts:

    • Up to 35% of your home’s heating energy escapes through walls and leaky windows.
    • 90% of homes are under-insulated.
    • 25% of heat loss occurs through the roof due to under insulation.

    With statistics like those in mind, it’s easy to see how some simple changes can lead to big savings. Your customized energy package will include energy-saving innovations and features based on the results of a detailed energy analysis:

    Nest Thermostat

    Installing a Nest thermostat is a small change that yields impressive results. By simply swapping out your existing thermostat, you can save up to 12% on heating and up to 15% on cooling. This smart thermostat learns your routines, so you can enjoy automatic savings without having to remember to adjust the temperatures throughout the day.

    Blown-In Insulation

    Blown-insulation provides wall-to-wall protection in your home’s attic by filling in every crack and crevice—including spots that are missed by rolled insulation. As an added bonus, it can even help to filter outside noise.

    Radiant Barrier

    Radiant barrier insulation is a perfect partner to blown-in insulation. Together, they work to stop the majority of heat loss through your roof. Replacing your siding? Ask about wrapping your entire home in radiant barrier insulation.

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