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Roof Inspection in Lehigh Valley PA

Are you in need of a roof inspection in Lehigh Valley PA? As a homeowner in Lehigh Valley, you want to make sure that your home is in the best possible condition. One of the places that really counts is the roof because a roof that is not in good condition can do a lot of damage to your home.


If you notice any problems with your roofing systems, such as shingles that are discolored or curling, it is worth your while to have them looked at by Lehigh Roofing Pros who can conduct a roofing inspection and offer you a comprehensive report on the condition of the exterior of your home. A good place to start is by calling Master’s Home Solutions for your roof inspection in Lehigh Valley PA.

Troubleshooting Roof Issues: Why Professional Roof Inspection Matters

You might not give your roof much thought until you see signs of a roof leak, but that is not the best way to handle things. Roofs undergo a lot of stress, and the life of your roof will deteriorate over time if they are not properly maintained. A detailed roof inspection in Lehigh Valley PA once or twice a year by a professional roofing company like Master’s Home Solutions will help identify any problems before they become serious and ensure that your property remains in good shape for years to come. There are several benefits to having a roof inspection done, including:

Peace of mind

Even if you have no signs of leaking or other problems, it is wise to have your roof checked out on a regular basis by a perfect roofing contractor in Lehigh Valley. If there are no issues, then you can be confident that your roof is in good shape and you, and your family can continue living in a safe, dry environment.


Identify Roofing Issues to Prevent Costly Repairs and Replacement

When you have a roofing inspection performed by our Lehigh roofing pros, you can be sure that all aspects of your roof will be thoroughly inspected. The use of an inspection report will allow the roofer to identify any potential problems that you didn’t even know existed and make recommendations for actions that need to be taken. This could save you money down the line by preventing an unnecessary quick roof repair and replacement and extending your roof’s lifespan. The cost of the roof inspection in Lehigh Valley PA is minimal when compared to the monumental costs associated with replacing a complete roof system.

Expert Troubleshooting Advice

Trying to repair a roof without knowing what is wrong is like trying to put together a puzzle without looking at the picture on the box. You probably will end up using pieces you don’t need and not using pieces you do need. Our certified roof inspector will be able to point out problem areas on your roof and offer suggestions for how to best repair them or avoid future damage, saving you time and money.

What Does A Roof Inspection Include?

There are a lot of problems that can occur with your roof, but our professional home roofing inspectors should be able to tell you about any issues that are present. When we inspect your roof, we perform a visual check of the entire roofing system, as well as an interior visual of any areas where the roof is visible through an attic or ceiling opening.

Top of the most important things that our inspector will be looking for when inspecting your home's roof are:

Exterior Roof Area Checklist

Roof structure inspection includes an examination of the entire roof to make sure it is structurally sound and able to support its own weight as well as any additional snow loads or objects on top of it. Our inspectors at Master’s Home Solutions will listen for creaks, cracks, and other signs of structural problems.

Expect your inspector to check out your roof from the exterior, looking at the shingles and flashing, in addition to walking around the interior of your home to examine attic access points, checking for these problem areas:

• Age and type of shingles

• Shingles are curled, buckled, or broken and show signs of leakage (darkening of underlying wood)

• Downspouts and gutters that are damaged

• Deteriorating wood soffits, facia boards, and other components of the exterior wall envelope

• Damaged flashing and improper chimney flashing that may lead to ice dams in colder climates

• Loose nails or staples in shingles

• Dents and dings in metal roofs

• Peeling paint on the roof decking

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Interior Roof Area Checklist

Lehigh roofing pros with a trained eye can detect problems that aren’t apparent to a layman. A comprehensive roof inspection in Lehigh Valley PA will not only evaluate the current condition of your home’s interior roofing but will also identify potential problems that might lead to a totally new roof replacement in the future. Our inspector will check for signs of:

• Water stains on ceiling beams, walls or underlayment that indicate moisture penetration

• Rotting wood near vents or fans

• Underlayment, including proper installation and insulation

• Ceiling buckling caused by improper ventilation of attic spaces

• Improper ventilation of attic space.


Once we have completed an inspection, we will give you an itemized, written report that includes all the information that we have gathered, including any photos and videos, as well as a clear explanation of what it means for your roof. The report will also include a breakdown of cost estimates for roof repairs or a new roof replacement.

Up to 18 Months, 0% interest, No payments on all projects


Get Your Roof Inspected for Free

We want you to be completely informed before making any decisions about your roof, which is why we offer free, no-obligation inspections. Our expert inspectors will not only identify any issues with your roof but also provide honest advice about how to proceed and what to expect from your Lehigh Roofing Pros. Get in touch with our networks of Service Professionals at Master’s Home Solutions today at (610) 880-3263 for more information about our free roof inspections.