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Reasons to Choose Double Hung Windows

Reasons to Choose Double Hung Windows with Master’s Home Solutions. Double hung windows are a favorite among Eastern PA and Western NJ homeowners, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. These versatile windows work with homes of all architectural styles, improving curb appeal, and Master’s Home Solutions can easily customize your windows to suit your unique aesthetic. The benefits of double hung window replacement go far beyond a more stylish looking home. The reasons to choose double hung windows from our Eastern PA remodeling company, you also get:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to save money on energy bills? While high-quality double hung windows are an investment, they are an investment that offers a continuous return. Our double hung windows feature innovative energy efficiency technology that improves thermoregulation in your home. Month after month, year after year, you’ll see savings on your heating and cooling costs.

Superior Ventilation

Double hung windows are perhaps the best style of the window when it comes to increase airflow in your home. Because of both the top and bottom sash open, you’re able to maximize airflow. The bottom window will bring in cool, refreshing outdoor air, while the top allows for warm air to exit your home.

Quick, Easy Maintenance

Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary cleaning windows, and double hung windows are among the easiest to maintain. The unique tilt-out sashes allow you to quickly clean both the interior and exterior portions of the window. Other than making sure the moving parts remain lubricated, there isn’t a whole lot of upkeep to worry about.

Increase your home’s style, security, and energy efficiency with quality double hung window installation from the expert remodelers at Master’s Home Solutions. We’d love to give you more information regarding how we can craft your perfect windows, so give Master’s Home Solutions a call today at 610-890-3060 or fill out our online contact form to request a free, no-obligation estimate.


One of the reasons to choose double hung windows is that double-hung windows are the most popular window types in the United States today. The double-hung window is slightly more expensive than the single-hung window. However, when compared to other window kinds, it is still reasonably priced. A double-hung window can cost anywhere from $300 to $850 per window.


Unlike single-hung windows, which have only one locking system, they must lock double-hung windows from top and bottom. It could be a drawback for extremely busy and forgetful persons, as they may forget to close one of the sashes. However, there should be no issues if the door is locked correctly. There are also kid lock systems on some double-hung windows. This lock is usually situated at the bottom of the upper sash and is meant to prevent children from opening the window.


The type of material used to make double-hung windows still has a significant impact on their lifespan. Because both sashes are moveable, double-hung windows have a higher risk of wear and tear than single-hung windows. It should not, however, be readily broken with reasonable care and suitable materials.


Other reasons to choose double hung windows is when it comes to adjusting the airflow in the home, many people praise the function of a double-hung window. You can put the sashes of a double-hung window in the middle of the frame on occasion. They allow cold air to pass through above the belts and warm air at the bottom. This is unquestionably advantageous. It also works well with air conditioners. On the other hand, double-hung windows let less air into the room than awning and casement windows because you can’t fully open them in their frames. With these reasons to choose double hung windows with Master’s Home Solutions, you will not be disappointed.


The cost of double-hung windows is higher than single-hung windows. When it comes to cost, however, it remains in the cheap end of the window variety. It’s also energy-efficient, and it can be customized to control your home’s ventilation. Because of the removable and operable sashes, it is effortless to clean and maintain.

If you need a window replacement in Bethlehem, Allentown, or anywhere in Lehigh Valley PA, call Master’s Home Solutions today at 610-890-3060!