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How to Choose the Right Walls for Your Shower Remodel

Remodeling your shower isn't just about slapping up some tiles and calling it a day. It's about making a statement, a splash if you will, in the most literal sense. You're not just picking out shower walls; you're setting the stage for every shower you'll take from here on out.

Let’s cut to the chase – remodeling your shower isn’t just about slapping up some tiles and calling it a day. It’s about making a statement, a splash if you will, in the most literal sense. You’re not just picking out shower walls; you’re setting the stage for every shower you’ll take from here on out. So, let’s dive in, and I mean headfirst, into the nitty-gritty of choosing the right walls for your shower remodel.

Material Matters: Don't Skimp on Quality

First things first, let’s talk about materials. You’ve got options – tiles, acrylic, fiberglass, stone, you name it. But here’s the deal: not all materials are created equal. Tiles might give you that classic look, but are you ready to battle mold and grime in the grout? Acrylic and fiberglass are low maintenance, sure, but do they give you that ‘wow’ factor? And stone – it’s like bringing a piece of nature into your bathroom, but it’s going to cost you. Choose wisely; your shower’s soul depends on it.

Color and Pattern: Make or Break Your Bathroom's Vibe

Color isn’t just a choice; it’s a statement. Do you want to feel like you’re stepping into a serene spa with calming neutrals? Or are you daring enough for bold patterns that scream ‘look at me’? Remember, the walls you choose set the tone for your entire bathroom. It’s not just about what looks good – it’s about what feels right.

Maintenance: Because Nobody Likes Cleaning More Than They Have To

Let’s be real – cleaning your shower can be a drag. So, when choosing your walls, think about the aftermath. Some materials are high maintenance divas that demand your time and elbow grease. Others are more laid-back, asking for nothing more than a quick wipe-down. What’s your cleaning style? Choose accordingly.

Installation: DIY or Call Us The Master's?

Are you a hands-on, DIY kind of person? Or does the thought of mixing grout make you queasy? Some shower walls are more forgiving for the DIY crowd, while others are best left to the Master’s. Know your limits, and respect them – or prepare to face the consequences.

Budget: Don't Break the Bank, But Don't Be Cheap

Budget – it’s the elephant in the room. Sure, we’d all love to splurge on the fanciest shower walls, but your wallet might have other ideas. Find that sweet spot where cost meets quality. Remember, investing in your shower is investing in your home’s value. But don’t go bankrupt over bathroom tiles.

Future-Proofing: Think Long-Term

Lastly, think about the future. Are you planning to sell your house down the line? Those trendy, neon-green tiles might not be the best choice. Choose walls that stand the test of time – both in style and durability.


Choosing the right walls for your shower remodel is about balancing aesthetics, functionality, and practicality. It’s a dance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford. So, take a deep breath, arm yourself with this knowledge, and make a choice that you’ll be proud to show off – until the next remodel, at least.

Remember, your shower is more than just a place to get clean. It’s a sanctuary. Make it count.

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