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Learn the Life Expectancy of a Shingle Roof

Master’s Home Solutions is here to help you learn the life expectancy of a shingle roof. If you are an American homeowner, there are pretty good chances for you to choose some sort of asphalt shingles instead of having many choices available in the market. The popularity of asphalt shingles has been for almost 100 years in America.

The reason behind the popularity of asphalt shingles is that they are still the most inexpensive material option for the cowling of the home roof. Other benefits include being that shingles are usually easy to install by comparison, and they are simpler to fix than other roofing materials.

The life expectancy of Shingle Roof

So how long a shingle roof can survive? The product warranties provided by most manufacturers are ragging from 15 to 30 years, with the normal 3-tab asphalt shingles expected to go on around 20 years or so. However, architectural shingles can surpass 30 years because of their thick and sturdy texture.

Factors that affect shingle roof longevity

So how long do you expect your shingle to survive? Honestly, the answer depends upon the factors such as the choice of the shingle, method of installation, its maintenance, and weather conditions of your area.

Here are the following factors affecting the longevity of shingles:

Temperature and other weather factors

Surprisingly, weather is one of the most contributing factors to affect the longevity of the shingle roof. Temperature changes from summer to winter, moisture changes from moist to dry, and infrequent storms have a dramatic effect. The stresses of the elements cause weakling and bristling of shingles over time, cause granule loss, and breakage of shingles.

Roof color

However, there are much cooler varieties of shingles with more reflective properties available in the market, but the heat-absorbing capacity of shingles and their longevity is directly proportional to the color of the shingle.

Roof pitch

Due to gravity moisture pulls off faster from the steeper roof and decreases the chance of roof damage due to moisture. So, the steeper the roof is the better.

Poor ventilation 

Shingles indeed ventilate fine as they face the open air from above, but the real concern is the ventilation of your attic. Because poorly ventilated attics cause excessive heat that can shorten the life span of shingles.

Lack of roof maintenance

Like other different items, a rooftop that isn’t maintained routinely can be anticipated to lose its adequacy more rapidly. This includes factors like keeping drains clear, free streaming, just as performing routine assessments of a rooftop, its structure. 

Poor installation

Just because of poor installation of shingles most of the asphalt shingles fail ultimately despite having good quality. Because of some inexperienced installers and speeding things up, it can lead to the premature failure of the asphalt shingle rooftop.

Regular inspection and maintenance helps ensure maximum roof life expectancy

Some good-natured homeowners simply don’t think about their rooftop until there’s an issue and afterward it may reach the point where it is impossible to do anything about it. Except if you don’t mind having to change your rooftop rashly, you ought to perform a self-check of your rooftop and drains occasionally, and numerous professionalisms likewise suggest a yearly expert assessment of your rooftop. Try not to stand by 20 years to begin focusing on your shingles. Things you can and ought to be searching for includes twisted, harmed, or missing shingles, extreme granule loss, uncovered nails, harmed blazing, missing seals, and drain issues. Furthermore, it is suggested to hire an expert roofer to come out and investigate- versus laying out tons of money for a new rooftop installation.

Ready to consult a roofing expert? Call Master’s Home Solutions!

In case you already have a shingle roof, you are in the group representing about 75% of American homeowners. And if you are considering of new roof, you need professional help to get the task done more effectively. The best thing about Skywalker is that they will provide you with all the information about the latest material options maintenance and repair services and good inspections whether you are repairing or installing a new roof. Master’s Home Solutions services the state of Pennsylvania. Master’s Home Solutions is committed to providing the best service for every customer. You can also check the reviews of other happy customers for satisfaction. Prepare to encounter the Master’s contrast for yourself? Call us today at 610-795-9353 and timetable your free home rooftop assessment and personal conference today!

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Learn the Life Expectancy of a Shingle Roof

Learn the Life Expectancy of a Shingle Roof