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    Door Hardware Installation and Replacement in Lehigh Valley PA


    Your entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors aren’t enough on their own – you need the right door hardware to make them truly serve their purpose. And that’s exactly what Master’s Home Solutions delivers! 

    Top-Notch Door Hardware for Every Type of Door

    Master’s Home Solutions is here providing you with door hardware installation and replacement in Lehigh Valley PA. If you’re planning out the entrances for your home construction or remodel, then you’re probably shopping for a front entry door, storm doors, and patio doors. But none of those doors will necessarily do you much good if you don’t also make sure you’re choosing the right door hardware! 

    Choosing the hardware for your new doors is an important part of the process and can give your home a polished look. But it’s also one of the aspects of home construction that are often overlooked when it shouldn’t be! Doors are more than just decorative pieces – they also need to function perfectly every time. You need excellent service that can make that possible. A poor choice can make your doors nearly impossible to use, and it can make your old door look cheap or even uninviting.  

    Trying to find the right door hardware installation and replacement in Lehigh Valley PA to suit your home can be tricky. There’s so much on offer that you can easily get lost in a sea of options. At Master’s Home Solutions, with our great customer service, we are happy to help you make an informed decision about which products are right for you, whether it’s for your new home or for updating the look of your current door and locks. 

    Our team is there to help you every step of the way with the process of choosing your door hardware installation and replacement in Lehigh Valley PA. We want to ensure that you get exactly what you need at the lowest quote for your new doors so that you get a great result on completion and enjoy using your new door for many years to come. If you want professional work done to your home, call our networks of service professionals today at Master’s Home Solutions!

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    Choose The Right Door Hardware for Your Home

    What makes a door function correctly? It all begins with the right hardware. The right door hardware installation and replacement in Lehigh Valley PA can make all the difference when it comes to your entry doors, storm, and patio doors. It will do a great job on the overall look and feel of your new doorway, and it may also be a safety feature you want to invest in. Whether you’re searching for handles, locksets, or even keyless entry systems, we have the widest range of door hardware in the industry available in various styles and finishes so you can find exactly what you need. We carry: 

    Knobs and Handles

    Commonly used on front doors, handles come in a variety of shapes and styles. They do a great job adding a decorative touch to your home along with giving you a sturdy way to open and close the door. 

    Our premium quality selection of handles boasts solid material construction guaranteed to stand the test of time as well as a variety of finishes to complement every décor. 

    Choose from an array of levers, handles, and knobs in an assortment of finishes ranging from contemporary satin nickel to classic bronze. You’ll also find a variety of door pull options, including rattan, bamboo, and even child-friendly designs! 

    Entry Locksets

    The lock is arguably one of the most important parts of a door’s hardware, as it is tasked with keeping unwanted visitors out of your home. Whether you need the security of a deadbolt lock or the convenience of a keyed knob lock, we have a variety of locksets to satisfy your needs. 

    Our locksets come with or without smart key technology, offering privacy and security in one convenient package. All our locksets come in a variety of finishes, so you can find one that matches your door and frame. Best of all, our locksets are made from durable materials like brass and steel, so they can withstand years of use.  

    Keyless Entry Systems

    Give yourself the convenience of a keyless entry system for your home! Our line of electric entry systems offers keyless convenience with the added protection of a multi-level security system. 

    Electronic entry systems provide keypad access with optional fingerprint recognition for added security. With our electric entry system options, you can enter your home using the convenience and ease of simple access code instead of fumbling around for keys at the door each evening when you come home. 


    From basic security to ornate designs that add visual interest to your home’s exterior, we carry a variety of deadbolt styles so you can find the perfect one for your needs. 

    Our deadbolts are available in the single cylinder and double cylinder configurations, while our knobs come with an optional keyed feature that allows homeowners to gain entry without a key or use multiple codes to create separate access points. 


    Hinges are a common, necessary, and functional part of any door. The hinges are fitted between the door and the frame so that they make it possible to swing open or close. 

    Our range of hinges is guaranteed to fit perfectly with your doors, offering the ultimate in reliability and quality. By choosing our hinges, you can ensure that your doors are on their way to being strong and sturdy.


    Latches are an important feature of any door. It’s the small bar that slides into the strike plate on the door frame to ensure your doors stay closed and locked, providing you with the added peace of mind that comes from a secure home. When they fail, they can leave people and property vulnerable to theft or intruders. 

    At Master’s Home Solutions, we have a wide range of latches for all types of residential doors and situations. We can replace any type of latch with a brand new one and install it quickly with minimal difficulty so you can get back to enjoying the security of your home. 

    With our great customer service, we will find the perfect door hardware installation and replacement in Lehigh Valley PA. Contact our networks of service professionals today!

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    Your Best Choice for Door Hardware Installation and Repair Services 

    When it comes to home maintenance, there’s no piece of hardware that we take for granted more often than our door hardware. We open and close our doors thousands of times in a year and the only time we pay little attention to our door hardware installation and replacement in Lehigh Valley PA is when something breaks. 

    Your door plays a major role in keeping your home safe and secure. Whether it is for your front door or back door, it is important to check the hardware at least once a year to make sure all pieces are working properly. 

    If you notice anything unusual, contact our door installation company at Master’s Home Solutions so we can have a look at your door’s hardware and recommend a course of action for repairing or replacing any pieces that are damaged or worn out. We provide repair and replacement services for all types of doors and will be happy to assess any damage free of charge. If you have any questions about our Lehigh Valley entry door installation business or would like to schedule an appointment for your free estimate, give our networks of service professionals a call today! 

    Up to 18 Months, 0% interest, No payments on all projects