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Bath Liners in Lehigh Valley PA

Bath Liner in Lehigh Valley PA 

Master’s Home Solutions is a leading company in the household restoring and improvement projects market like a bath liner in Lehigh Valley PA. By preferring our services, you can remodel your Pennsylvania bathroom in a single day for a fraction of the expense of a typical bath renovation.

The Bathtub’s Liners

It is important to you to find a low-cost way to give your dated bathtub a facelift? When it comes to a bath liner in Lehigh Valley PA, Master’s home Solutions is the best. Besides, you don’t have to pull down your old tub. The best of all? You will have the look of a new one in only one day.

Master’s Home Solutions has built its reputation one tub and shower at a time, over more than two decades of quality home repair. 


Designs of Bath Liners that Last a Long Time

One of the main features of every long-lasting bath liner in Lehigh Valley PA is a correct fit. Inaccurate fitting will cause water seepage, and at the same time, it will cause other problems like mold. Therefore, it is essential to pick an experienced bathroom renovation contractor.

At Master’s Home Solutions, we employ a variety of tools to guarantee your satisfaction. For example, Master’s Home Solutions makes extensive use of tub identification software. Using this program, we can make bath liners that are identical to your current tub. So, we make sure they will fit together flawlessly. 

In addition, we offer a variety of valuable services to our customers, including the following:

  • Free Quotes: Our bath renovation professionals will visit your home, take accurate measurements, and provide you within exact pricing estimate without any pressure or obligation.
  • Long-lasting Acrylic Bath Liners: Master’s Home Solutions’ durable acrylic bath liner in Lehigh Valley PA is a wonderful long-term investment since they won’t crack or fade.
  • Professional Installation: In order to guarantee a successful installation, you will require factory-certified installers with several years of experience. Besides, we use LuxBond®, a proprietary adhesive solution, 
  • Easy Cleaning: the chore of cleaning every day is now a thing of the past. Our acrylic products are easy to clean and naturally mold and mildew resistant thanks to the use of non-porous acrylic.
  • Service: Our crew will consider your ideas about the look you want for your bathroom space. We will include your opinions into the bathroom renovation from the beginning to completion.
  • Matchless Warranties: You can rest easy knowing that an industry-leading, limited lifetime warranty is covering your purchase. 




Locally owned & operated

Your home’s roof is essential to its long-term weather resistance, energy efficiency, and property value—so when it comes time for a roof replacement or repair, you can’t trust just any Lehigh Valley roofers to do the job right. Master’s Home Solutions has been a family-owned roofing company since 1957, offering the very best roofing systems in the industry. We can say with confidence: others may be pros, but we’re Master’s!

Special Roof Offer

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Take a Look at Our Bathroom Renovation Options!

Just a few of the reasons to redesign your bathroom with a bath liner in Lehigh Valley PA which includes a new look, enhanced usefulness, or an easily accessible solution. Besides, you can rely on our award-winning and BBB-recognized team.

If you want to enhance the look of your home’s bathroom in Lehigh Valley, PA, our specialists can make your dreams coming true.

Call Master’s Home Solutions or use our online form to obtain a free design calculation and price.

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