halil e.

5 months ago

Roof replace

Work was done on time and efficiently, a return visit to address a concern was scheduled and performed. The concern turned out to not be part of the work done by Masters but was fixed and explained to my satisfaction. I would recommend Masters.

David S.

5 months ago

Great presentation

James was very professional. Very likable. Great Products He know the Products.

James T.

6 months ago

New Roof and Spouting

Everyone was very informative and friendly. They explained what they were doing before the project began. They were very professional and made sure everything was to our liking. They did a wonderful job of cleaning up each day. What a great crew of workers. We are so pleased with our new roof and spouting!!! Thank you so much!!! We have recommended your company to others as we have had people comment on how nice our home looks and the quality is outstanding!

Richard P.

6 months ago

Shower Remodel

My wife and I had our shower remodeled from the 20 year old builder’s grade requiring a lot of maintenance to clean the tile and glass doors. Masters not only gave us a shower that is maintenance free, but new plumbing and walls. Their staff is top shelf.

John D.

6 months ago

Very satisfied

A job well done from beginning to end. Very impressed with knowledgeable and devoted employees. We are very satisfied with our new and beautiful walk-in shower. Thank you!

Maurice A.

6 months ago

Great Job!

We had a great experience! The customer service gals were very nice and informative. The team that did the work on our 2 bathroom were professional, courteous, efficient and clean. From start to finish we are very pleased that we hired Master’s Solution to do our bathroom renovations. We love the way our bathrooms look. Thanks!

Chris Y.

6 months ago

My Dream Walk in Shower

The walk in shower was professionally installed in one day. The workmanship and materials used to make the shower are of the highest quality. My wife and I are extremely happy we had this shower installed. Our family and friends are of the same opinion. Very impressed with the material and installation of the shower.

Norman J.

6 months ago

Out with the old, in with the new.

I had a total bathroom remodel. Quality merchandise & quality work. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

Betty P.

6 months ago

Tub to shower conversion

We had a tub to shower conversion. The work was completed in one day. The workmanship is excellent and the clean up was great. We love our new walk in shower. I highly recommend this company.

Jeff B.

6 months ago

New Bathroom

We live our new bathroom. So easy to clean. Workers were wonderful. Cleaned up very well after themselves. I would recommend!!!

Rebecca L.

6 months ago

Quality salesman with a quality product

Nick knew his product and explained the benefits of installing it rather than something cheaper!

Richard H.

6 months ago

Roof Estimate

Nick did an awesome job with his presentation. He knows exactly what every detail was and explained very thoroughly oh, the entire process of the roof how was to be installed, plus all the extras to prevent mold Etc.

Kim S.

6 months ago

Thankful For Master’s!

We recently touched base with a company named Masters Home Solutions, after we saw a commercial they had on TV. When we called, the rep on the phone mentioned that when the salesperson came out, they would be speaking with us about a vacation package. We were wondering what this was all about, so during their salesman?s presentation we asked. He told us that with our commitment to a deal with their company, he would throw in a Condo Voucher. The voucher was a nice bonus and gave us even more reason to have them remodel our bathroom. Masters has given us a once in a lifetime opportunity and we can?t begin to say how thankful we are.

Dennis S.

7 months ago

Impressed with Master’s!

My husband and I have been doing some research online to find a company to do some siding work for us. After receiving a few quotes, we decided to move forward with a Masters Home Solutions. We chose their company for a few reasons. We really liked the salesman who came out? he helped us get the most bang for our buck, including a vacation voucher promotion. The voucher covers a stay at a resort of our choice for up to 7-nights. The voucher definitely played a role in our decision, as it took away some of the sting of spending thousands of dollars. We are very happy with Masters Home Solutions and look forward to them coming out to our home to start the work.

Rick S.

7 months ago

Awesome presentation

Nick was a class act. Professional, knowledgeable. He gave an awesome presentation of the product, the process and he was very thorough in his assessment of the roof

Kim B.

7 months ago

One Day Bath Remodel

Kept promise to finish bath in 1 day.

Paul G.

9 months ago

Whitehall, PA Remodeling Review

Great workmanship friendly would recommend to everyone.

Elizabeth H.

9 months ago

Bathroom Remodel Review

Quality of products unknown. Will give 5 stars upon use of shower.

Fred D.

9 months ago

Hatfield, PA Project Review

Everyone has been personal and friendly and respectful. They treated our home as it was their own.

Dave B.

9 months ago

We Recommend Them to Our Family and Friends

A couple months ago we did some research on Google to find a company in Palmerton to replace our roof. The roof had been leaking for quite some time and we knew we could no longer put it off. We found a company called Master?s Home Solutions and decided to call them out. When the salesman from their company arrived at our home, he took some measurements and gave us a quote. We were not comfortable with their price at all as it was completely out of our budget, but they had some great benefits to using their company including the Cruise Voucher. We really liked their company and the Cruise Voucher, so we ended up taking out a loan just to cover the costs, but we?re happy we did. Masters did a really great job installing our new roof. Based on our experience we would recommend them to our family and friends.

Ester G.

1 year ago

Great Job

Our shower was leaking, and we didn?t want to have mold in our bathroom, so we started researching and found Master?s Home Solution. They came over and instead of just doing the shower, they remodeled the whole bathroom. They gave us a Condo travel Voucher which tipped the scale in their favor, it was a major deciding factor. It?s always a good feeling when you get something back after spending so much money. They did a great job and we are very happy with our remodeled bathroom.

Timothy O.

1 year ago

You Have Our Loyalty

When we bought our home, the previous owners had taken the tub out of the bathroom and we wanted it back in there. We researched and found 3 companies, one of them was Master?s Home Solution. They were the first people to meet and we were so impressed with them we cancelled the other two appointments. The impressive points were before and after pictures, the salesperson and receiving the Condo Voucher on top of everything else. They finished the job on time, and my wife is taking care of the booking for the Condo travel Voucher. You have our loyalty Master?s Home Solution.

Malcolm M.

1 year ago

Great Reviews

I wanted to remodel my bathroom, so I started searching for remodeling companies around my neighborhood. I found Master?s Home Solutions and they had great reviews. At our initial meeting, they presented me with a Cruise Voucher. This travel Voucher and their reviews sealed the deal for me. They finished the remodel and I am loving my luxury bathtub and my remodeled bathroom. I am not able to utilize the Cruise Voucher, but it?s a great gift to my daughter. Thank you, Master?s Home Solutions.

Lorna M.

1 year ago

Bathroom Repair and Remodel

I bought a home in mid 2018 when I moved from California to Pennsylvania. My daughter had gotten into a really bad accident in Pennsylvania and she couldn?t move from the waist down. A couple of months ago my shower wall collapsed, and I needed to get it repaired immediately. I found a Master?s Home Solution on Home Advisor. Once they came over, they gave me a quote on a new shower and a Resort Voucher, just for doing business with them. They ended up replacing our bathroom floors as well. The Resort Voucher was a big bonus for us. We were all so excited to get this voucher after everything we?ve been through.

Linda S.

1 year ago

They are the best!

Master?s Home Solution is a local company and we had heard good things about them. When we had to replace our roof, we obviously turned to Master?s Home Solution. They are fantastic, communicative, and professional and, they gave us a Condo Voucher. This Condo Voucher swayed us in their favor. Even though we like Master?s Home Solution, it?s always nice to get something back after you spend a lot of money for your home. They are the best, Thank you again Master?s Home Solution.

Roselyn K.

1 year ago

Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Experience

My wife and I recently went on Home Advisor to find a company in our area to remodel our bathroom. We found a company named Master?s Home Solutions and were very pleased with their services. They came out to our home, gave us an estimate, and mentioned that we were eligible for a cruise vacation voucher. The vacation really helped motivate us into using their company and we are happy we did. They did a fantastic job and we couldn?t have asked for a better experience.

Tom Z.

1 year ago

Couldn’t Be Happier

We were shopping at Lehigh Valley Mall when we saw a Master Home Solution kiosk. The salesperson was telling us if we signed up, we?d receive a vacation voucher. My wife and I are expected a newborn soon so being able to get away on our 1st family vacation would be nice. We decided to sign up for them to come to the house. After the quote was given to us for a new shower, I felt it was pricey, but we liked the product along with the voucher, so we went ahead with the project. Installation went great and we couldn?t be happier, the baby should be here any week now and we are planning to vacation sometime in the Fall. Thank you, Master Home Solutions. We will definitely recommend you to family, friends and neighbors.

Brett W.

1 year ago

Phenomenal Job

Last March we had the bathroom in our home remodeled by a company named Masters Home Solutions. It was our first time using their company and were pretty impressed by what we saw. They did a phenomenal job on our bathroom and we couldn?t be happier. Not only did they do a great job getting our bathroom up to date, but after the work was completed, they presented us with a Condo Resort Voucher. The voucher was the icing on the cake and we couldn?t be happier with the service we received from them.

Thomas M.

1 year ago

Thank You Master Home Solutions

My husband & I went to our local home show looking for a company to do our bathroom remodel. We ended up talking with a salesperson from Master Home Solutions and decided to have them out to the house. We?d heard about the vacation voucher at the show so that was one of our reasons to get an estimate from them. We were installed in January and couldn?t be happier. Hoping we go back to normalcy and can go on a vacation soon. I haven?t decided on a place but have been actively looking. Thank you Master Home Solutions, we would definitely recommend you to friends & neighbors.

Sandy G.

1 year ago

Bathroom Renovation Project

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to a home and garden show at the arena. We were looking for a company that would be able to renovate our bathroom. We ended up meeting with a company named master?s Home Solutions and decided to have them come out and give us a quote for the work. When the salesman worked on getting us an estimate and during that period, he asked us about our vacation plans and told us that with our purchase, he would throw in a Condo Voucher as an added bonus. The voucher played a significant role in our decision as we love to take vacations and have been wanting to go to Vegas for years. We were so happy with their offer that we ended up signing the deal and are scheduled to have our installation done tomorrow. We can?t begin to say how thankful we are to Masters Home Solutions for making this experience, one to remember.

Lester P.

1 year ago

Two Bathroom Remodels

My wife and I have been looking for a company to remodel our two bathrooms. We did some research on Home Advisor and found four total companies. After weeding out one after another, we were left with a company named Master?s Home Solutions. We decided to choose their company for a number of reasons, but what it boiled down to was pricing & the Condo Resort Voucher that came with our purchase. It?s been so long since my wife and I have taken a vacation. As soon as he mentioned the promotion, I started thinking about a trip to St. Maarten I did years ago. This was before I was married, and my wife has never been to anywhere in the Caribbean. We now plan to head to St. Maarten sometime next year thanks to the generosity of Master?s Home Solutions.

Christopher Y.

1 year ago

Very Happy

I attended a local home show in my area in search of a company that would replace some of my windows. I ended up finding a few companies and scheduled some in-home estimates. The first company out of the gate was Master?s Home Solutions. When the salesman came out from their company, he went over the different models I could choose from and gave me a price for each. After solidifying which one I wanted, he also let me know that with my commitment to a deal with their company, he would throw in a Condo Voucher as an added perk. The voucher was a great bonus and definitely made this decision a whole lot easier to make. I was very happy with the offer I received from Masters, so happy that I ended up canceling all of the other in-home estimates I had scheduled.

Eric S.

1 year ago

Bathroom Remodel

For the past few months, I have been looking for a company to remodel my bathroom. I have done research online and checked reviews on over ten companies. As time has progressed, I have put my remodel on the backburner on more than one occasion, but now is the time. I found a company named Masters Home Solutions today who is going to do the remodel for me. They were even nice enough to throw in a Cruise Vacation with my purchase. This vacation has brought me so much joy. My husband passed away recently after a long-fought battle with cancer. For years we never got to vacation as he wasn?t able to go, but always talked about taking a cruise. I plan to take this cruise and think of all of the great times we had together. I want to thank Masters Home Solutions for this wonderful gift. You couldn?t put a dollar amount on how much this means to me.

Tammy Z.

1 year ago

Exterior Remodeling Review

A couple of months ago we had our roof replaced by Master?s Home Solutions. It was our second time using their company as we had them replace the gutters on our home a few months before having the roof done. When they came out to give us an estimate on the roof the salesman was even nice enough to throw in a Condo Resort Voucher with our purchase. The voucher was quite a big deal for us as we love to travel. Masters is a trustworthy company you can count on and we would highly recommend them.

Sandra P.

2 years ago

Couldn’t Be Happier

My husband and I recently had our bathroom remodeled by Master?s Home Solutions. They gutted out our old bathtub and shower and had everything down to the studs replaced. Our new bathtub looks amazing and we couldn?t be happier with their service. The one thing that really stood out about our experience was the Condo Voucher we received with our purchase. Initially we were on the fence about using their company. That?s when the salesman threw in the Condo Voucher offer to help make our decision a little easier. The voucher DEFINITELY played a role in our decision. We are very excited for our vacation and have been thinking about booking a stay in Key West. Thank you Master?s for your outstanding service.

Heidi A.

2 years ago

Replacement Roof Project

My husband and I recently made the decision to have our roof replaced. We contacted 4 companies in our area and the first one to come out to give us a quote was Masters Home Solutions. When the representatives from their company arrived at our home, we were blown away by how knowledgeable they were. They knew the ins and outs of the process and gave us a quote on the spot. My husband works in construction, so he is familiar with products and costs and he was even surprised by how affordable their proposal was. The reps even went one step further and decided to throw in a Cruise Voucher with our purchase. We?d always dreamed of taking a Cruise and with this voucher, we could do just that. Masters gave us a great deal and with the added bonus of receiving the voucher, our decision was easy to make. We ended up signing the deal on the spot and called all the other companies and canceled our in-home estimates. We are very happy with the service they have provided.

Linda B.

2 years ago

Roof Replacement Project

About a few months ago, we needed to replace our roof, so we contacted Master Home Solutions who are a local company in Pennsylvania. Their salesperson Patrick came over, he went over everything from product, to pricing and letting us know the length of time it will take to finish the roof. He also gave us a Condo Vacation Voucher which sealed the deal for my wife. She has been wanting to go to Vegas and Grand Canyon and the Condo Voucher absolutely impacted our decision to go with them. We are all done with the project and we are looking forward to our trip around September of this year to Vegas and Grand Canyon. Thank you, Master Home Solutions.

Catherine M.

2 years ago

Video Testimonial