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    Bethlehem PA VELUX Skylight Experts

    There are many reasons why homeowners want to increase the amount of natural light in their homes. But above all, it’s because natural light is appealing. When you wake up in the morning and your eyes adjust to the sunlight pouring through your windows, you feel more energized, happier, and you feel like you can tackle anything. 

    The addition of skylights to a space can make it seem larger or more open, as well as changing the overall feel of the room. Letting in more natural light not only makes your home more aesthetically pleasing but can also help reduce stress and depression.

    At Master’s Home Solutions, we’re experts at skylight installation and replacement systems that can open up any space. We can help you choose the skylight that is right for your space, install it properly, and can even assist you with financing to make it affordable. Our durable, personalized skylights are built to last and will stand up to the harshest winter conditions in Eastern Pennsylvania or Western New Jersey. With Master’s Home Solutions, it’s easier than ever to experience the sense of wonder that only natural light can create.



    Bethlehem PA Velux Skylight Experts: Let the Natural Light in with a VELUX Solar Tube

    Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home design. It’s not just about aesthetics; it can also affect your energy bill, your mood, and even your health. At Master’s Home Solutions, we believe that you deserve all the light you need, no matter what type of room or space you’re looking to illuminate. 

    With VELUX solar tubes from Master’s Home Solutions, you can invite warm beams of sunlight into almost any room of your home. This can be especially useful for those rooms that are not as well lit as others, as well as those rooms that do not receive as much ventilation as others. 

    Benefits of VELUX Solar Tube

    VELUX Solar Tube provides a way to add natural lighting to spaces in your home that could not otherwise accommodate it. They can be installed in spaces without direct access to the roof. Thanks to VELUX’s innovative tunnel-like design, a solar tube installation allows natural light to enter even the deep interior spaces of your Lehigh Valley home.

    By bringing sunshine into your home through replacement solar tubes, we’ll help you enjoy the many benefits of this innovative product:

    • Vibrant Décor: Colors appear brighter and richer under natural light, turning your home interior into the gorgeous space you’ve always envisioned.
    • Nighttime Safety: With the moonlight coming from your Solar Tube, you don’t need to fumble around looking for light switches in the dark or as you make your way to bed! 
    • Energy Efficiency:  Skylights minimize the need for artificial lighting which can contribute to a home’s energy efficiency. 
    • Resale Value: Skylights are a coveted feature for most homebuyers and will likely result in a boost to your home’s property value.
    • High Quality:  Every VELUX enclosed skylight or roof window is manufactured with superior materials to ensure years of reliable performance under the harshest conditions. 

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    Your home’s roof is essential to its long-term weather resistance, energy efficiency, and property value—so when it comes time for a roof replacement or repair, you can’t trust just any Lehigh Valley roofers to do the job right. Master’s Home Solutions has been a family-owned roofing company since 1957, offering the very best roofing systems in the industry. We can say with confidence: others may be pros, but we’re Master’s!


    Locally owned & operated

    VELUX products offer a perfect blend of functionality and design. Whether you choose to install a roof window or skylight, you can count on an attractive, energy-efficient fixture that meshes seamlessly with the overall look of your home. 

    VELUX skylights are the smart choice for adding significant natural light to your home’s interior, and are ideal for bringing the daylight into rooms that would otherwise stay in shadow – like the kitchen and bathroom. 

    With more than 60 years of expertise, we listen to your needs and help you make the right choice so you can transform your home with VELUX.

    Let Bethlehem PA Velux Skylight Experts Master’s Transform Your Home with VELUX Skylights Installation

    Whether you’re trying to bring more light into your home, or are looking for a sustainable solution for maximizing daylighting in the workplace, solar tubes are a great option. If you’re interested in finding out whether solar tubes could work well in your interior, don’t hesitate to reach out to Master’s Home Solutions! As a third-generation family-owned business, we always put our customers first—and we’d be happy to demonstrate how VELUX solar tubes work without any sales pressure at all.

    We can come and provide recommendations for skylight placement and provide you with a free estimate on the costs of adding skylights into your home! Contact Master’s Home Solutions today to schedule a free estimate.

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    Special Roof Offer

    We’re offering special financing options & other amazing roofing incentives – learn more today!

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      Up to 18 Months, 0% interest, No payments on all projects