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    Bathroom Remodeling in Allentown PA


    Expert Bathroom Remodel Near You in Lehigh Valley PA

    You need the best bathroom remodeling in Allentown PA because your bathroom is more than just a room for showering; it is the center of your home. The right bathroom services can transform your bathroom into an oasis that you can retreat to after a long day at work or when you need to relax. When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Allentown, PA, there is no one better than Master’s Home Solutions. Our bathroom remodeling experts will assess your bathroom needs and develop a plan based on a combination of your unique wishes and our expert knowledge. Our goal is to help you create a bathroom that is functional, appealing, and in line with your budget. 

    Top Bathroom Remodeler in Allentown PA

    The bathroom is an area of the house that can get overlooked when it comes to home improvement. You might be tempted to give it a fresh new look by throwing up some paint, throwing down new tile, and calling it a day, but this does not give you a space that is enjoyable to use or relaxed enough to be a private retreat. If you find yourself asking Google for a top bathroom remodeling contractor near me. Think Master’s Home Solutions!

    Let’s face it: today’s bathrooms are more than just grooming. Bathrooms have evolved into multi-functional spaces that can do so much more than just be a room for bathing. The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. Not only does it have to look good, but it also must be practical. It has to offer you plenty of storage space, a beautiful shower, and a place to relax after a long day.

    At Master’s Home Solutions, we want you to enjoy every single day in your bathroom with our customized solutions for your needs. We strive to help homeowners create a beautiful bathroom showroom that is both functional and stylish, transforming them into spaces that are relaxing, luxurious, and beautiful.

    Our team of experts will work with you step-by-step throughout the process to ensure that the outcome is exactly what you want. We are committed to providing high-quality services at affordable rates while upholding our commitment to quality customer service. From minor issues like repairs and maintenance to full remodeling, we can handle it all with ease. You will be amazed by our work, and you will wonder why you waited so long for our bathroom remodel experience!

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    What Does Bathroom Remodeling in

    Allentown PA


    Master’s Home Solutions Bathroom Remodeling Services is a comprehensive suite of bathroom remodeling services that can help you enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your personal space. Our professional designers and contractors will work with you to create a luxurious and inviting bath that is truly your own. 

    When it comes to bathroom remodeling, we strive to make every project unique and tailored to each client’s specific needs. Forget going to a local outlet store to find decorations for your outdated bathroom! We have photos of our extensive range of products that you would enjoy. We can help you make your bathroom more efficient and appealing through a variety of upgrades, including:  

    If you are looking to hire a team of bathroom remodeling specialists to completely transform your bathroom in just one day, look no further! Your eastern Pennsylvania bathroom servicing team here at Master’s Home Solutions is comprised of craftsmen with years of experience in bathroom remodeling. We work quickly to ensure that your bathroom renovation project is completed within just one day- no mess and no stress! Whether you are looking to remodel an entire bathroom, to just update the fixtures in your existing bathroom, or to fix a single problem area in your bathroom, we can help you complete your bathroom renovation project quickly and affordably! 

    Bathroom Remodeling Design

    With our bathroom remodeling services, you can enjoy a more spacious and functional bathroom with a design that perfectly fits your requirements. Our designers will meet with you to discuss the changes you want to be made in your bathroom, and then they will develop a unique design that suits your preferences and needs. You may even want new windows in your Newley remodeled Allentown bathroom.

    We have several years of experience helping homeowners like you transform their outdated and plain spaces into modern, sophisticated, and elegant areas that reflect their personalities and add value to their homes. We have designed bathrooms for people who want their bathrooms to be elegant yet practical, traditional yet modern, luxurious yet affordable—and everything in between. 

    Bathroom Tile Installation

    When remodeling or building a new bathroom, it is important to choose the right tiles. For your bathroom tile needs, you can rely on our quality and precision to complete your request with the highest quality and craftsmanship. Our decades of experience in working with different materials such as marble, granite, wood flooring, and more to any existing floor or wall will help you achieve the perfect look for your home’s unique style.

    Tub Replacement

    We can install a new tub enclosure in just one day, transforming your old bath into a luxurious one. In one day, we can take your old tub enclosure, which is probably outdated and possibly dangerous, and replace it with a new one that is safe, beautiful, and easy to keep clean. As a team of Bath Planet-certified bath installers, we offer beautiful, durable tubs that can be tailored to your exact wants and needs, and our experts are on hand to help you choose the design that will best match the rest of your bathroom furnishings. 

    Replacement Showers

    A shower is more than just a place to scrub off the day’s dirt and grime. It is an important part of your home, one that you use every single day. A good idea is to make it as beautiful and functional as possible!

    At Master’s Home Solutions, we understand how important it is to have a great shower in your home. We can help you find the right shower for your home by helping you choose the perfect model. Our expert installers will carefully remove your old shower, create a beautiful, practical replacement shower based on your needs and install it in as little as one day. 

    Bathtub Repair and Refurnishing

    When you have a tub leak, it is important to have the problem taken care of right away. This is to ensure that the problem will not get worse and end up costing you more money to repair. 

    Our company offers a wide variety of tubs repair services, including the replacement of cracked tubs, installation of new bathtubs, elimination of leaky faucets, among others.  Our goal is to help you resolve your tub’s problems quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your life and enjoy your tubs more than ever before. In addition to providing quality tub repair services, we also offer tub refinishing options for those who prefer the look of a new tub but want to avoid the cost of replacing it.

    Custom Bathroom Vanities and Countertops

    Designing a bathroom vanity is more than picking out bathroom fixtures or adding tile to the floor. It is an opportunity to make choices about how you express yourself and what matters most to you. Every detail in your bathroom, from the shower door to the countertop material, can say something about who you are and what you value while providing the function and durability that make every room in your home special.

    Our experienced designers will help you choose the bathroom vanities and the right space-saving features like multi-purpose shelves and medicine cabinets to match your aesthetic. And we will make sure they are installed properly by our skilled craftsmen.

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    Why Bathroom Remodeling in Allentown PA is A Smart Choice

    To ensure that your bathroom remodeling in Allentown PA project is a success, you need to choose a company with a proven track record. Since 1957, Master’s Home Solutions has been helping homeowners in Flemington transform their dream of having a beautiful new bathroom into reality and reap the benefits of an upgraded bathroom. With our bathroom remodeling services, you can: 

    ●  Increase your property value: The bathroom is the one room in the house that is closest to the outside world. It is often the first thing that visitors see when they enter your home. If you want to drive up the value of your home, then you should pay attention to your bathroom.

    ● Get More Space: A well-designed bathroom remodel will keep your favorite features but add value and functionality to your space. Whether you want a larger shower or more storage, we can help you make these changes.

    ● Save money: Save money on your utility bills by replacing inefficient, old bathroom fixtures with energy-efficient models.

    ● Save Time: By hiring a professional team from Master’s Home Solutions, you avoid the time and energy required to manage a large home improvement project on your own. We take care of every aspect of the design, installation, and cleanup process so that you can relax and enjoy your new bathroom without having to worry about any details.

    ● Create a spa-like retreat: Transform your bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary that will provide the perfect spot for unwinding

    Best Bathroom Remodeling in Allentown PA – We do it YOUR WAY!

    If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, then you might want to get in touch with the Bathroom Remodeling Allentown PA professionals at Master’s Home Solutions. Our diligent team has been offering the best bathroom remodeling services for more than sixty years, and we will be able to provide you with the kind of original design that you have always wanted in your bathroom. Our professional designers will meet with you to understand what it is that you are looking for in your bathroom. They will then create a beautiful, functional space that is completely unique to your desires. We take great pride in our attention to detail and our high level of customer service, so you never have to worry about how your bathroom will look after we are finished working on it. 

    As a full-service company, Master’s Home Solutions provides everything you need for your bathroom remodel including design services, tile, fixtures, countertops, plumbing, mirrors & shower doors. We have a great selection of cabinets we can show you as a part of our design services as well. Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your bathroom renovation needs at an affordable price. 

    By choosing our bathroom remodeling services, you can rest assured that you are getting access to the latest in technology and designs. If you want a new bathroom that looks great and functions perfectly, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Master’s Home Solutions today, and we will set up a consultation to get started.

    Up to 18 Months, 0% interest, No payments on all projects