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    10 Steps to Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

    Knowing the 10 steps to choosing the right roofing contractor can save you many heartaches. It is unlikely that you’ll be happy with the work of a roofer who cut corners. So, why cut corners when searching for a roofing contractor?

    You can save thousands of dollars by checking a roofing contractor’s certifications, reputation, and working methods. Besides, you will have peace of mind the next time you need a new roof or repairs.

    Are you looking for a roofing contractor? You should not hire just anyone to work on one of the most critical parts of your property. Thus, ask yourself these 10 questions before hiring a roofing company.

    1. Does the company have the necessary permits and licenses to do the work?

    Every legal roofing contractor in Pennsylvania must obtain a license from the Pennsylvania Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Good and proper licensure suggest a reasonable degree of quality on the job.

    2. Does the contractor carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance?

    By law, almost all Pennsylvania businesses must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance coverage pays for medical bills and lost salaries for employees injured on the job.

    Roofers who do not have this insurance violate the law. Besides, did you know that you would be financially responsible for any injury happening on your property? Thus, make sure your roofing contractor provides this insurance coverage to its workers.

    Hiring a fully insured contractor will save you hundreds of dollars in legal expenses and weeks of headache.

    3. Can they show more than three references or testimonials that you can check?

    When it comes to roof installation and repair, you will want to make sure you put your trust in the right people. Therefore, see if you can find any customer testimonials posted online. Request references from people you trust. Also, ask probing questions about their experiences with the roofing company’s employees. 

    For instance, find out if they are punctual and show up on time for work. You will not hire people suddenly disappearing without a trace. So, ask about how they perform the job and whether they clean up the working area once they finish.

    4. Is there a standard wearing policy for their workers?

    This may appear to be a stupid question at first glance. Yet, each time home invaders target more and more people. Therefore, it is imperative to know that the people who come to your house will be properly dressed and you can recognize them easily.

    5. Does the company have a physical location?

    Sadly, many false roofers operate only out of a truck. They have no fixed office, and it makes it easier for them to perform scams and fade away. So, there would be no office to contact or location to go to if you need assistance during or after the job. In this sense, it is critical to select a reputable local roofing company. 

    6. Does the company offer a guarantee? Are they likely still be in business when the guarantee expires?

    A professional roofing contractor should offer a lifetime warranty on labor and a manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing material.

    The 25- or 50-year manufacturer’s guarantee only will cover manufacturing defects. Besides, the roofing contractor must build the roof under the manufacturer’s instructions. Only this way you will be eligible for the warranty. Actually, your roofer will void your warranty if he cut corners.

    On the other hand, think about that most new companies fail within the first ten years. Thus, take precautions if a relatively young company offers you a 20-year warranty. When at all feasible, go with an experienced and well-recognized organization.

    7. Does the company conduct frequent safety training?

    The roofing job has a particular set of risks. So, before you select a roofing business, be sure that all their staff attend regular training sessions. If the roofing company has well-trained personnel in safety measures, your legal responsibility will be significantly lower.

    8. At what point of the process is the company soliciting payments?

    Does your roofing project is about to start, and your contractor requested large amounts of money? Even if they say they will use the money to pay for materials or labor, you must consider this fact as an alarm.

    A well-established company will be able to cover the cost of materials until finishing the job. At least, they should cover it until the material arrives at your property in the case of larger projects. 

    Larger projects may need to create a payment schedule. This payment plan requires you to pay a percentage of the entire cost while the contractor accomplishes certain milestones.

    9. Is the company responsible for all of the work, or does it outsource it?

    Ensure you know who will be working on your home. Does the company you picked does not have enough employees to complete the project? If so, request all of the aforementioned insurance information from each subcontractor engaged. Moreover, make sure that all of your subcontractors are compensated as well. 

    If the contractor you hired does not pay its subcontractors, you might be held accountable. Even the subcontractors could put a mechanic’s lien on your home. Though, engaging with a reliable organization that can fully staff the project can spare you the headaches.

    10. Does the company offer a written proposal, including the cost of the work?

    Many unethical roofers provide affordable quotations upfront. Later, they try to force you to pay more money to finish the job properly. They ask for higher amounts after construction begins. They try to take advantage of your property is exposed to the elements due to a partially constructed roof. So, you would not have an option other than making additional payments to finish the job.

    A reputable and professional roofing company will always provide you with a written offer. This document will include every detail of the project and the related costs.

    Trust is crucial when it comes to business, so choose your partners wisely. Do business only with companies that focus on offering high quality and safety for their workers. By preferring the best in the business, you will avoid voiding warranties, incurring additional costs, and getting into legal trouble.

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